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KONTAKT PLAYER instruments can be searched by instrument name, composer name, or instrument library. Toolbox: The Toolbox lets you: Browse, manage, create and play audio effects (virtual instruments). The KONTAKT PLAYER Toolbox, available as a downloadable file or on a memory stick, includes over 100 audio effects, 1 GB of factory presets and 50 instruments. Customization: Customization lets you customize your system to your liking, including choosing a profile for your computer, taking a look at system statistics, the input and output volume and system configuration. You can also compare settings of different sound cards or different applications. System settings: The System settings section offers you the option to adjust all the parameters of your system. You can easily toggle the volume controls, switch on or off the built-in microphone, adjust the effects (attenuation, compression, reverb), and so on. Settings browser: In the Settings browser, you can adjust the various system settings such as volume control, microphone input and output options, effects, number of tracks, default system profile, and more. Playlist manager: The Playlist manager lets you create and manage your own audio sequences. You can either choose to save your sequences as a.wma file, or you can add them directly to a KONTAKT PLAYER sequence by copying and pasting them into the sequence editor. KONTAKT PLAYER portable version A KONTAKT PLAYER version for the iPad was released in December 2012. It includes the same feature set as the standard version, but with the following additional features: 3D: The new 3D feature offers you the option of recording and playing in 3D-stereoscopic sound. 3D sound is the next generation of surround sound, and when you get a surround sound system, it is worth considering investing in a 3D TV as well, if you want to fully enjoy the 3D sound. KONTAKT PLAYER is the first programmable music software to feature true 3D sound. Sound Recorder: The Sound Recorder lets you record any sound from the built-in microphone or the system speakers, and save the recording in WAV format. You can specify the recording settings as well, and the recording level meter tells you the sound level of the recording you are making. Sample Editor: The Sample Editor allows you to record, manipulate and play samples. You can record a




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Kontakt 5 Full Version Crack godycha

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